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Introducing our Teak Wood Diwan Cot – a timeless and comfortable seating solution for your living space.


Key Features:

1. Teak Wood Elegance: Crafted from premium Teak for durability and natural beauty.
2. Classic Design: A visually pleasing and inviting addition to any room with its classic, low-profile design.
3. Comfortable Seating: Cozy and ergonomic, perfect for relaxation, reading, or conversations.
4. Versatile Use: Ideal for both day seating and evening lounging in the living room, bedroom, or any cozy corner.
5. Sturdy and Durable: Built with the inherent strength of Teak wood for long-lasting use.
6. Natural Finish: Finished with a smooth, natural polish that highlights the wood's beauty.
7. Easy Maintenance: Teak's resistance makes it easy to maintain with simple regular cleaning.

Elevate your space with the luxury and comfort of our Teak Wood Diwan Cot – a stylish and enduring addition to your home.

Diwan Cot Made of Teak Wood

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