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Each handcrafted painting on a wooden slice is a testament to the marriage of nature's organic beauty and human creativity. Picture this: delicate brushstrokes of vibrant acrylic paint dancing across the rugged canvas of a wooden slice, each stroke bringing life to the natural grain and texture of the wood.

What makes these artworks truly special is their individuality—no two slices are alike. Each wooden canvas bears its unique shape, curvature, and natural imperfections, adding character and charm to the finished piece. These variations in shape and color become integral to the artwork, making it a one-of-a-kind creation.

The artist's vision comes to life as they skillfully blend hues, creating mesmerizing landscapes, intricate designs, or captivating portraits. The wooden backdrop lends a rustic, earthy feel, infusing each painting with a sense of warmth and connection to nature.

Every stroke tells a story, every color choice an emotion, and every wooden slice a canvas for boundless imagination. Whether adorning a wall or displayed as a centerpiece, these handcrafted paintings serve as a reminder of the beauty found in the union of natural elements and human craftsmanship. They are not just artworks; they are unique expressions of creativity and individuality, capturing moments of inspiration frozen in time.

Sunset - Handmade Painting on Wooden Slice by Drkwoods

  • Returns: At Dwara Rama Krishna Timbers, each piece is meticulously crafted to order, making our items ineligible for return once delivered. We prioritize personalized craftsmanship, ensuring every creation meets your specifications and expectations.


    Damage: In the unfortunate event of a damaged product upon delivery, we are committed to replacing it promptly. To qualify for an exchange due to damage, sharing sufficient evidence of the damage during the unboxing process is imperative. Please provide images or videos showcasing the condition of the delivered item.


    Our dedicated team will assess the extent of the damage and propose a suitable resolution, which may include on-site repairs or a replacement of the damaged product.


    Cancellation: Once an order is placed, cancellation is permissible within 24 hours of its confirmation. Any cancellation beyond this period will not be eligible for a refund but will be issued as a credit note.

  • Wooden Slice: Karri Matthi Or Black Siris 

    Thickness: 2.5 - 4 Inches

    Colors: Acrylic Colors 

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