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  • How long does shipping take for your products?
    Shipping times vary based on your location, product availability, and chosen shipping method. Typically, our products are dispatched within 14 - 21 business days from the date of order confirmation.
  • How can I track my order?
    Once your order is dispatched, you will receive a confirmation email containing tracking information. Use this information to monitor the status and estimated delivery of your shipment.
  • Do you cover return shipping costs?
    Return shipping costs are typically the responsibility of the customer, except in cases of damaged or defective items. Please refer to our return policy for more details on specific scenarios.
  • What are the benefits of using hardwood over softwood in furniture?
    Hardwoods like Teak, Rosewood, Black Siris are denser and more durable than softwoods such as pine or cedar. They offer greater resistance to wear, making them suitable for high-traffic furniture pieces like tables and chairs.
  • How do I maintain the shine and finish of wooden furniture?
    Regular dusting with a soft cloth is essential. Use a mild wood cleaner for deeper cleaning, and polish with a high-quality wood polish or wax to maintain shine. Avoid placing wooden furniture in direct sunlight or near heat sources to prevent fading or drying.
  • Is it better to buy solid wood furniture or veneer furniture?
    Solid wood furniture is made entirely from solid wood and tends to be more durable and can be refinished multiple times. Veneer furniture consists of a thin layer of wood adhered to a base material and can offer a more affordable option without compromising aesthetics.
  • What are the environmental benefits of using reclaimed wood in furniture?
    Reclaimed wood, sourced from old buildings or structures, reduces the demand for newly harvested trees. It minimizes waste and provides a unique character with its history, making it an eco-friendly and stylish choice for furniture.
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