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Introducing our Diwan Cot, skillfully crafted from the finest Karri Matthi hardwood, renowned for its durability and natural allure.

- Handcrafted from premium Karri Matthi hardwood, known for its strength and exquisite grain.
- Traditional Diwan Cot design expertly fashioned for both comfort and elegance.
- Karri Matthi's natural tones and unique textures add a touch of sophistication to your space.
- Sturdy construction ensures reliability, offering a serene and stylish lounging area.
- Perfect for creating a relaxing corner or an inviting seating arrangement in your home.
- Experience the fusion of comfort and natural beauty with our Karri Matthi Diwan Cot, a charming addition to your living space.

Diwan Cot Made of Karri Matthi