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Introducing our King Size Cot, meticulously handcrafted from the exquisite Black Siris wood—an epitome of luxury and sophistication. Crafted to elevate your sleeping experience, this majestic cot combines the robustness of Black Siris with a design that exudes timeless elegance.

The rich, deep hues and intricate grains of Black Siris wood infuse opulence into your bedroom, creating a statement piece that embodies both strength and beauty. This King Size Cot offers ample space for a restful night's sleep, providing a regal retreat at the end of each day.

Embrace unparalleled comfort and style with this Black Siris King Size Cot, where the fusion of natural allure and artisanal craftsmanship transforms your bedroom into a sanctuary of grandeur and refinement.

King Size Cot made of Black Siris

  • Product Type: COT
    Wood: Black Siris 

    Dimensions: King Size 

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